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Rental Services Include

Inspection of Property:

Prior to rental marketing, we personally inspect your property and recommend improvements we deem advisable to enhance your property’s rental value and marketability.

Lease Preparation:

We will negotiate your rental agreements in accordance with Florida law and the Rental Agreement made with this office.


We will prepare ad releases for media, as necessary, and represent your property in our extensive marketing program.

Prospective Tenants:

Our team of Rental Agents is available to qualify prospects and exhibit your property to prospective guests by appointment.

New Tenants:

We will require tenants to complete a tenant information sheet and for annual leases, if necessary, a credit report, background and prior eviction check.

Rent and Deposit Money:

We will collect all required rent and security deposits prior to tenants possession of your rental property and account for these Reservation Deposits in accordance with Florida Real Estate Escrow Laws.

Late Rent Payments:

We will advise the tenants of their requirements to pay on time and demand late payment fee in accordance with the terms of the lease (annual only).

Maintenance and Repairs:

With the exception of emergencies, or as agreed in your listing agreement, we will not allow any repairs over $5oo.oo without first consulting with you (plus the vendors we get quotes from and use will be secured licensed/bonded and insured).


At lease commencement, professional cleaning arrangements will be made to deliver a clean property to tenant at owners expense. At lease termination, cleaning arrangements will be made to return a clean property to you or in preparation for a new tenant.

Automatic Deposits:

Upon completion of the Authorization Form your rental proceeds can be automatically deposited directly to your bank account.

Sales Tax Registration and Payments:

Will be made in accordance with all state and local tax department regulations.

Keys and Pictures:

Pictures of your unit will be taken and held on file for marketing to prospective tenants and advertising flyers. After your initial supply of keys have been provided (unit, mailbox, storage, pool, etc.), we will code, track and have tenants and vendors held responsible for returning all keys.